Monday, November 28, 2011

Some of the hidden costs of smoking?

OK,  we all know smoking is bad for you and it costs a lot of money. Consider the additional impact it has on your wallet when it comes time to trade or sell your car. The financial damage can be shocking.... 


Decrease In Car Value

When it comes to determining the value of a car, the interior condition of the car is a top factor. Smoking in a car greatly reduces the condition of a car's interior and the result is that the car is worth much less than if nobody had been smoking in it. Due to this smell, smokers receive less money when they try to sell their used car or a smaller trade-in value from a car dealership. Depending on the year and model of the car, the decrease in value will be hundreds of dollars at a minimum and could easily exceed $1000.

There are several factors that conspire together to reduce the value of a car that has had a smoker as an owner:

Smaller Market: The market for cars that have been smoked in is much smaller than that for cars that have never been smoked in. The fact is that many people will not even consider purchasing a car that was previously owned by a smoker. Since the number of people interested in the car is much smaller, there is less competition which results in a lower price offered.

Smell: Cigarette smoke leaves a smell that is difficult, if not impossible, to completely remove. The smell of the car is a major factor of the interior condition. Cars that smell of smoke are much less desirable resulting in people offering less.

Burns: If a person smokes in a car, there is a good chance that the interior has some minor burn marks from fallen ash or accidentally dropped cigarette. These are often unsightly and reduce the value of a car.

Stains: Smoking will usually seep into the seat covers, floor carpet and car paneling. This can stain, dim and discolor the interior of the car all of which will make the car appear older and reduce the value of it.

Assuming that a person keeps their car an average of 5 years and that the value decreases by $1000 due to damage and appearance as a result of smoking, the cost of smoking on the value of a car is $200 a year more for a smoker than a non smoker.

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