Saturday, December 4, 2010

A little good advice.

An article from Forbes was passed on to me this morning by a co-worker. He has plenty of experience not only in the industry but in purchasing cars for he and his family. Researching your next vehicle purchase is the first step but beyond that you need to prepare yourself for the one on one with the dealer. Do your homework, know your bottom line on how much you can spend and read this article from Hannah Elliott on "Year-End Car Buying Traps To Avoid"

Friday, December 3, 2010

Do you own a "Gas Guzzler"?

These days, people are concerned with their vehicles' fuel economy more than ever.  Even though we would all love to have an "electric" or a "hybrid" vehicle that we don't have to put gas in as often or ever for that matter, most of us are stuck in the vehicle we are driving.  With that said, I thought I would share a website with you that has a lot of great information.  If you were ever wondering what kind of fuel economy your car was getting or supposed to be getting, this site will tell you.  You may be car shopping and would like to compare your current vehicle with another one.  You can do that too.  There are even tips on how to make your current car more economical.  Anyway, there is a lot of useful information in there so check it out!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fleet Street Thanks You!!

Wednesday Dec 1, 2010

A Fleet Street Thank You

Wow!!! Where has 2010 gone? It’s time for the holidays already and also a time to reflect on the gifts we’ve all been blessed with throughout the year. Thanksgiving is just days away now and we all need to step back for a moment, take a deep breath, look at the wonderful opportunities life has to offer and give ‘thanks’ for these blessings.

Here are some thoughts from our staff, we are all very thankful to be a part of the Fleet Street team!

I am thankful for my health, family, friends and Neiman Marcus..........   -   Johanna Woodrum

I am thankful for many things, but today I am thankful for having the opportunity to work with great people.  Who knew coming to work could be so fun!  -  Renay Layton

I am thankful for family.  -  Matthew Walker

"I would like to say I am thankful for my beautiful little girl Alyssa, my loving wife Nicole,  the opportunity to work with some amazing people and 80 degree weather in November .......  Oh yeah, and the New York Jets doing a great job so far this season.   GO JETS! "  -  Chris Weis

I am thankful for our clients.... -  Chris Savas

I am thankful to God (and my mom) who gave me the strength to persevere. I am very thankful for my wonderful supportive friends and family. I am truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to live, work and thrive in such a great place! (and to see Johanna’s amazing wardrobe every day J )– Karen Smith

I'm so thankful for having a great career and to be able to provide for my girls.  -  Kaki Langford

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though they know you are slightly cracked".  This year I am very thankful for all the "scrambled" eggs in my life.  ~  you all KNOW who you are!  -  Tami Knight

I am thankful for my Faith, my Family and Fleet Street  -  John Ferraro

I am thankful for my wife, my kids, my truck, my motorcycle, my toolbox and the fact that I can get up every day and enjoy these things!  -  Mike Muenier

I am thankful for the health of all of my children and grandchildren and thankful that the Lord brought me thru my surgery this year so I can be here for all of my family  -  Janet Harris

I'm thankful for everything I have plus everything I don't have.  -  Tina Radcliff

I am thankful to find and share commonality with so many unique people, whether they're colleagues, friends or family!  -  Steve Bender

I am very thankful for my loving family and all the special people in my life who bring me happiness, and the Buccaneers', season, which is finally bringing me some happiness, unlike my Gators. God bless.  -  Micki Shille

2010 has been a year of change. I now have a Facebook page and I’m on Linkedin. Holy smokes, what is the world coming to? In a few days on THANKSGIVING I’m going to play horse (basketball) in the park for the 25th year. THANK YOU LORD. I have an amazing family that every day shows me that love is the most important thing in the universe, just in front of health. My career has been an incredible journey with relationships that span the globe and friendships that make life fun. I’m blessed with the Fleet Street team that embraces our culture with a smile. I believe someone is smiling down at me and I hope whoever it is that they please don’t stop.  - 
                                                                 Kevin McGrath

Have some fun with us....view the Fleet Street staff,  Fleet Street Thank you video ,and most of all...Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 8, 2010

Let’s talk about trust and relationships

Let’s talk about trust and relationships for a minute….and the simple things that make our lives easier that we take for granted….

I recently made a life changing decision to move clear across the country after spending the last 20 years in my nice comfortable, safe little Midwestern community. I knew so many people in town and had established great relationships with them all!

I knew the teachers would keep me informed about my children and I trusted them.
The cashiers in the stores would let me know if a similar item was on sale and always had a joke and smile.
The mailman was very enamored by my dog and always spent some extra time at the fence giving her treats.
The local salon was such a treat to go to. My hairdresser Marie, knew just what to do with my hair to make me feel beautiful (ok guys, hairdressers are very important to women!).
The auto shop….I could call them with a problem with one of my 4 cars and trusted them to fix it quickly and fairly anytime!
And the local seafood restaurant staff who could tell what I wanted to have that day by my attitude when I walked in.  I could go on and on….

As I now attempt to settle into my new life 1200 miles away from all that was familiar and comfortable to me,  it occurs to me that while I embark on this exciting new adventure in a beautiful sunny climate, I must also search for and cultivate all those trusted relationships I had so obviously taken for granted!

I have a new relationship in this sunny paradise, at Fleet Street Autos, where I now enjoy going to work each day. This is an established company of over 20 years and employs an awesome staff of caring professionals who are dedicated to making the car buying process as easy as possible, (and they’ve also made this particular newbie feel as warm and welcome here in sunny Florida as the weather does).

Developing relationships with people, community members and businesses that you have trust in takes some time.  These are the people that will ultimately make your day to day life easier, so as I make these new relationships….I will try to be mindful of not taking them for granted!

Miss you Marie J

Thursday, September 16, 2010

An era of perpetual shift

Ever see the movie Alien vs. Predator?  Who would have though, right?! In that movie the good guys are trapped in an ancient predator-build pyramid buried deep in the ice that would shift its configuration every 10 minutes.  You never knew what door would open when, and what would be on the other side when it did.  Our world today is not too different as many believe we have entered what they are calling the "Shift Age."  Things are changing so radically and quickly that it's hard to keep up with it all.  This is especially true with our technologies, and how they affect the average consumer.  It was not too long ago when I would cringe at the idea of providing my credit card information on a website to purchase a piece of clothing that I had never even tried on.  Over the past few years, I've become more comfortable with online purchases, as the convenience, security and savings have all dramatically improved.  Sure, I still visit the local mall occasionally for that "mall" shopping experience, but the majority of my purchases these days happen through one of those magical gadgets connecting our world together.  In fact, the last 3 vehicles I've purchase were done online, sight unseen!  The deals were great, and the trust inherent (if any one of those vehicles were not what I was expecting, I was entitled to back out of the purchase or find another vehicle). So, if you like the idea of getting a great deal online, but are still a little hesitant (especially for a large ticket item such as a car), remember, in this new shift age, doors will continue to open all around you, and others will shut, but if you stand still you'll never go anywhere!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fleet Street Autos Who?

Do you remember that one time when you were dreading a trip to your dentist, just knowing that you'd get stuck in traffic on the way, have trouble finding a parking spot, wait in the lobby 'till 11 for an 8 o'clock appointment, and find out you need 3 root canals, but in reality, you make it to your dentist in record time, at 7:55 you're being seen by your dentist and he finds your teeth are in perfect shape, some light cleaning and your on your way! Do you remember thinking to yourself, "Why can't more things be that easy for me?!" Ever feel similar when buying a car? Can you imagine if your next car buying experience was equivalently and surprisingly as easy?

Fleet Street Autos is a company that genuinely cares about you, the customer. We've created this blog to share with you our experiences and opinions on everything and anything related to the automobile industry, and ultimately how it may directly or indirectly impact your life. We hope you find our topics interesting, current and even humorous at times.