Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rust Breakouts on your car in the spring.

As a 30 year (+) mid-western resident an car owner, I was always under the impression that the harsh effects of the northern winters with all the salt and snow was the major contributor to rust damage on my vehicle. I'm sure that is true because I faithfully spent good money to wash my car every week to remove all that ugly residue. I have since moved to the sunny, beautiful, tropical (and by that I mean very humid) paradise in Florida. It was pointed out by one of my co-workers this morning as I pulled into the parking lot, that I would soon see the damaging results of the humidity in the form of rust on the front of my car. He pointed out all the little bubbles on my hood and told me I would soon see a major rust breakout. I thought I left all that behind in Ohio but alas....not so much! Found some info on this to share, and thanks for the good news John....more car maintenence for me:)