Monday, November 8, 2010

Let’s talk about trust and relationships

Let’s talk about trust and relationships for a minute….and the simple things that make our lives easier that we take for granted….

I recently made a life changing decision to move clear across the country after spending the last 20 years in my nice comfortable, safe little Midwestern community. I knew so many people in town and had established great relationships with them all!

I knew the teachers would keep me informed about my children and I trusted them.
The cashiers in the stores would let me know if a similar item was on sale and always had a joke and smile.
The mailman was very enamored by my dog and always spent some extra time at the fence giving her treats.
The local salon was such a treat to go to. My hairdresser Marie, knew just what to do with my hair to make me feel beautiful (ok guys, hairdressers are very important to women!).
The auto shop….I could call them with a problem with one of my 4 cars and trusted them to fix it quickly and fairly anytime!
And the local seafood restaurant staff who could tell what I wanted to have that day by my attitude when I walked in.  I could go on and on….

As I now attempt to settle into my new life 1200 miles away from all that was familiar and comfortable to me,  it occurs to me that while I embark on this exciting new adventure in a beautiful sunny climate, I must also search for and cultivate all those trusted relationships I had so obviously taken for granted!

I have a new relationship in this sunny paradise, at Fleet Street Autos, where I now enjoy going to work each day. This is an established company of over 20 years and employs an awesome staff of caring professionals who are dedicated to making the car buying process as easy as possible, (and they’ve also made this particular newbie feel as warm and welcome here in sunny Florida as the weather does).

Developing relationships with people, community members and businesses that you have trust in takes some time.  These are the people that will ultimately make your day to day life easier, so as I make these new relationships….I will try to be mindful of not taking them for granted!

Miss you Marie J