Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Car Repair Advice

Read it here! http://jalopnik.com/5903066/what-car-repair-is-best-left-to-professionals What Car Repair Is Best Left To Professionals? Working on one's own car is a point of pride for many owners. Doing-it-yourself is both rewarding and a way to prevent someone else from mucking things up. Inevitably — for even the most hardcore gearheads — there are certain tasks best left to people wearing ASE badges on their sleeves. What repair or maintenance tasks are best handled by trained professional mechanics? You can have all the power in the world and all the sophisticated suspension and braking gear ever designed, but if that ability to manage force isn't delivered to the pavement in a precise manner it's badly compromised. Proper alignment is one of the keys to having a happy car. And especially for vehicles with four-wheel independent suspensions, doing a decent alignment job at home verges on the impossible. You'll want to make sure that your shop of choice has a well-calibrated rack, but they will do it better — and much faster — than any amount of driveway fiddling can accomplish. (QOTD is your chance to answer the day's most pressing automotive questions and experience the opinions of the insightful insiders, practicing pundits and gleeful gearheads that make up the Jalopnik commentariat. If you've got a suggestion for a good "Question Of the Day" send an email to tips at jalopnik dot com.) Photo Credit: David Moffitt / Flickr

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello....is anybody there?

I was calling the medical clinic I go to the other day to schedule some routine tests. I was ready for the un-ending voice commands to dial this number for this deptartment, this number for that and was taken aback when I got a real voice versus recorded instructions. The funny thing was, I was not really prepared to ask or answer questions right away.

Now how weird is that. We have become so accustomed to getting a recording (you have reached...) or a support line, (please enter your account #) that when we actually get someone it makes us feel like we did something wrong. I do not think I am unique in that I am already frustrated by the time I finally get to speak to someone, if I ever really do. Or if I called during business hours would I get someone to help me right away? Rarely! Unfortunately, this has become the norm.

I understand all the arguments for interactive voice response systems and call routing, but if your business is trying to differentiate itself today, going back to a human connection will do that. We pride ourselves at Fleet Street Remarketing, that the human connection is here and always will be. When you call Fleet Street, you will always hear a real voice and quickly be routed to the right person . Kevin Mcgrath, (owner) understands that great customer service is one of the most important attributes a company can offer and it is our #1 goal! We are well known for how quickly OUR STAFF answers the phone and handles questions.

In the age of rapidly changing technology, texting, smartphones, tablets and “Social Media” everywhere, it is funny to think that our parents and grandparents were better suited to do business today than most companies are. They understood relationships and common courtesies and focused on people first, not selling products. Sometimes going back to what worked before all the technological wizardry we have today is the right way to do business. That is truly "Social"! Call us….you’ll see. 800-539-2277