Friday, May 13, 2011

Great Car Website for Women!

I came across this website a while back and just wanted to share it for all the women out there who want OR need to know a little more about their vehicles.

Hope you enjoy the content!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fleet Remarketing Solutions...

Use a Fleet Remarketing company to sell out-of-service or off lease fleet vehicles to your own employees or outside buyers at a better-than-wholesale price.
Fleet managers can turn to companies that provide customized remarketing services. They offer services run the gamut from employee sales to dealership consignment. Technology now provides easy access to maintenance history, condition reports and vehicle photos, as well as online purchasing processes.
Once the domain for only large fleets, fleet remarketing services are accessible to small fleets as well. Fleet Street Remarketing LLC, tailors its services to each fleet manager regardless of size. We offer our highly regarded Employee Purchase Program (EPP) as a very sucessful solution that benefits both your company and your employees. Owner Kevin McGrath says, “For all fleets, including small fleets, we can facilitate employee/friends and family sales. And if the driver declines, we will resell vehicles by putting off lease fleets in the right market for your highest return. Based on YMM, miles condition and location, maximized returns are achieved by selling through multiple channels starting with the retail public. An expert analysis of each unit will intelligently profile the best market for resale and we automatically contact existing customers and dealers that have purchased similar units.
"There are several advantages to partnering with our company instead of putting your inventory on Craigslist or eBay," says Steve Bender, National Corporate Fleet Remarketer for Largo, Fla. based Fleet Street Remarketing. Selling end-of-lease vehicles to drivers and other company employees minimizes days-to-sell, thereby reducing depreciation and eliminating downstream expenses such as auction costs. It also offers your workers a valued benefit. Another benefit is limited liability to protect against potential negligent entrustment claims brought by a new buyer. This value is not offered on public auction sites. We protect the company selling the vehicle and the buyer, which is usually their employee. Liability to your company is taken out of the equation wherever possible.
Other resale options include: Wholesale – we have numerous online and physical locations selling to our network of dealers. Exporters – we sell directly to numerous exporters reaching buyers in places like Europe, the Middle East, South America, Russia, and China. And finally purchasing directly from our newly renovated online Retail site
Like the major online auctions, an established remarketing firm like Fleet Street Remarketing has experience in working with all manner of businesses, vehicles and the technology for their resale. That includes fleets comprised of cars, vans, upfitted work trucks and vehicles in public-sector work. Visit us at